SMF Digital Commerce Interest Group | Digital Commerce Workshop @ MSE 2017
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Digital Commerce Workshop @ MSE 2017

27th Oct 2017 | Singapore EXPO, Peridot 206 | 2pm - 5pm

“The digital transformation for manufacturing has begun. As manufacturers, we must embrace Digital Commerce to stay relevant, and make the World our market.”

Tay Jih-Hsin
Chairman, EEAI, SMF

“The force of Digital Commerce is where no enterprise can afford to ignore. Hence, we are glad to be an adviser to the Digital Commerce Group, to work towards the convergence of digital and physical world, and to conquer that trend and be market leaders.”

Matthew Teo
Executive Manager, Platform & System, ICT Industry Development, IMDA

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Digital Commerce Interest Group

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Digitalization in manufacturing is affecting every part of the organisation. This means manufacturers need to step out of their comfort zones and embrace digitalisation to stay competitive in the global landscape driven by digital economy. The future of manufacturers will be highly dependent on how they cope with this changing digital landscape, as well as the disruptions brought about by new technologies and business models. It is vital that manufacturers need to map their digital journey at the earliest.

This workshop aims to discover how digitalisation will enable manufacturers with global outreach, effective cross-border businesses, global sourcing, efficient connectivity with customers & suppliers, and smart supply chain management.


Min Qi Yeo, Takatack Technologies
Hassle-free Online Store Creation and Expansion to SEA Market

Terry Chan, HK eCommerce Supply Chain Association (HKeCSC)
Solutions to win the cross-border eCommerce business

Patrick Wong, GoGoVan
Revolutionising Urban Logistics

Jason Tai, Y3 Technologies
Smart Supply Chain

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  • SMEs
  • Business Owners / CEOs
  • Business Executives
  • Businesses who are interested in
    • utilising advanced manufacturing technologies
    • adopting digitalisation to increase productivity in business operations
    • expanding their businesses overseas